Catalab: your bridge to Greenplum

Do you have an analytics application that you want to port to the Greenplum platform? Do you have an innovative idea for a new analytics application? Then Catalab is your bridge to Greenplum.

Catalab is an incubator facility/center for analytics applications. Software developers can use the Catalab to port existing applications to the Greenplum platform of to build new applications on the analytics platform of the future.

EMC Greenplum will help you by sharing software and scalable hardware with you, and giving you all technical assistance you need. We will help you with design,  technical support and our in-depth analytics expertise. On top of that, we will also provide you with education about our platform.

As the Catalab is not a physical facility, but a cloud service, you can check in and out whenever you want. You can either use the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance in the cloud, or run our software on your own hardware.


Size does not matter for the Catalab: whether you are an established software vendor or a start-up, the Catalab is there for you to use.  The level of support we offer you may vary depending on the business opportunity you are bringing to us.

Become a partner

Tap into the rich set of benefits that come with being part of Catalyst, the Greenplum Analytics ISV Program. Secure your place in our fast-growing community.


Easynet runs real time analytical applications to allow for cross-selling and upselling in a customer reward program.