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Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor passionate about making BI easy. Partnering with EMC Greenplum enables Yellowfin customers to leverage their Big Data assets – through interactive dashboards and a 100 percent Web-based drag and drop interface – via Greenplum’s Massively Parallel Processing (MMP) architecture, capable of storing and analyzing petabytes of data.

Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin’s mission is to build highly intuitive software that is easy to install, even easier to use, and can respond to your changing reporting and analysis needs.

“Today, organizations need to understand the entire breadth of their operations at all times.  That means huge increases in the volume of data collected and the speed with which that information needs to be analyzed and understood to underpin critical decision-making.  By combining Greenplum’s ability to index and store Big Data with Yellowfin’s renowned ease-of-use BI solution, we’re not only making Big Data analytics possible, we’re making it easy.”
Glen Rabie, CEO Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a consumer-oriented BI solution that empowers business users to quickly and independently understand and analyze data to make better, faster fact-based decisions.

Yellowfin and EMC Greenplum’s partnership is crucial in the age of Big Data analytics – where information is the new oil.  Greenplum’s massively-parallel, scale-out architecture lets you capture all the important information you need.  Yellowfin turns your data into a competitive advantage by transforming that information into insight and action.

Together with Yellowfin and Greenplum, you can:

  • Enjoy fast and cost effective BI projects:  Yellowfin’s ease-of-installation, deployment and self-service BI capabilities reduce demand on IT personnel and resources; whilst Greenplum’s Polymorphic Data Storage allows you to leverage multiple storage technologies to find a suitable balance between performance and cost.
  • Get actionable information quicker: Greenplum’s Multi-level Partitioning with Dynamic Partitioning Elimination delivers faster query response times, while Yellowfin’s intuitive interface and drag and drop report builder supports faster analysis and decision-making.
  • Achieve superior & faster Return on Investment:  Yellowfin’s self-service BI features, in combination with Greenplum’s superior data storage and query performance capabilities:
    • Reduce strain on your IT department
    • Lower BI’s Total Cost of Ownership
    • Promote and support pervasive analytics projects and widespread user adoption
    • Quickly transform your data from an underutilized asset into a source of competitive advantage

Together, Yellowfin and EMC Greenplum are making Big Data analytics easy.

Yellowfin customers include Xerox, Sensis, Farmlands, Telekom Malaysia, Vodafone, Transurban, Macquarie University, HBF, and LexisNexis.


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