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XBRLWorks is a Singapore-based, government-supported technology pioneer and builder of modeldriven, XBRL Submissions for the ‘Integrated Statistical System’ (ISS) deployed at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Central Bank of Malaysia. XBRLWorks strategic partnership with Greenplum is designed to integrate declarative modeling and instant synthesis of XBRL apps, with high-performance analytics and predictive visualization of XBRL Big Data for the most-demanding and policy-changing regulatory requirements as part of a regulator’s Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework.

XBRLWorks flagship platforms for XBRL Big Data processing - RegulatorWorks and SubmitterWorks - optimize submission processes spanning the regulator and submitter data supply chains.

“XBRLWorks RegulatorWorks HD and SubmitterWorks HD enable instant generation of high-fidelity XBRL apps with built-in, massively parallel analytics on terabyte submissions and public XBRL Big Data running on Greenplum HD.”
Sri Rajan, Managing Director, XBRLWorks

RegulatorWorks spans the full XBRL document life cycle – data model abstraction, taxonomy design, submission planning, application design and generation, pre- and post-submission XBRL validation, process workflow execution, monitoring, terabyte-class analytics, and visualization of what-if simulation scenarios based on Basel 2, 3 and Solvency 2 and other emerging risk models.

SubmitterWorks provides a collaborative, peer-to-peer report assembly platform to simplify XBRL data preparation, collaborative report assembly, self-audit pre-validation, analytics-guided submission, and Big Data visualization on internal and external data. SubmitterWorks is available in 3 editions – Enterprise, Professional, and Community.

For a full overview of functionalities, please refer to the PDF profile.

Customers of XBRLWorks include Ambank, Public Bank, Bank of Tokyo, and Central Bank of Malaysia.


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