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VMware vFabric™ GemFire® provides fast, secure, reliable and scalable access to data in support of modern enterprise and cloud applications. A core component of the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform, GemFire enables the delivery of high performance applications that are data rich and continuously available regardless of the number of end-users being served. Greenplum helps enterprises discover previously undetected opportunities. Working together, GemFire and Greenplum help the business find and react to those opportunities faster than competitors.

GemFire is the foundation for a modern approach to data management that meets IT and business leaders’ needs. A distributed data-management platform, GemFire eliminates data-access latencies and provides dynamic scale in support of modern enterprise and cloud applications. It delivers the reliability of a database with the performance that only in-memory data architecture can provide.

“We are in the midst of a data renaissance where new styles of data handling are needed to enable modern applications. Pairing Greenplum with vFabric GemFire delivers big data with fast and flexible data helping enterprises discover and react in real-time to information previously locked away in their data.”
David McJannet, Sr. Director vFabric Cloud Application Platform

GemFire can be used as an operational data store and system of record. It can complement existing databases by accelerating queries and response times or serve as a lower-cost, highly scalable alternative to the monolithic RDBMS. GemFire lowers TCO—by leveraging commoditized x86 hardware and minimizing RDBMS license costs—while providing superior reliability and quality of service. With GemFire, enterprises can also leverage virtual infrastructure, as well as other data stores deployed in private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

The GemFire in-memory data architecture for global data grids and cloud data management provides the following critical capabilities:

• Delivers high-speed data processing

• Enables elastic scalability

• Provides enterprise-specific or global data

• Achieves a single, consistent view of complex transactions

• Enables real-time, situational awareness and event-driven detection

• Reduces the cost of mainframe applications

• Offers an operational data store with database reliability

Customers of VMware’s GemFire solution include some big-names like  Southwest Airlines, bet365, and the U.S. federal government (DISA).


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