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VLDB Solutions is a systems integrator (SI) that specializes in data warehousing, business intelligence and data mining. As an SI, VLDB Solutions advises and assists clients so that they can select, implement and deploy technology solutions to solve specific business challenges. Its area of particular expertise is high-end massively parallel processing (MPP) database platforms.

VLDB Solutions typically engages with large well-known organizations on projects covering business functions as diverse as direct marketing, CRM, analytics, customer and product profitability, customer retention, and financial planning and forecasting.

"The flexibility of the Greenplum architecture allows us to start with a single SMP node and scale-out to deliver multi-node 'shared nothing' MPP solutions to meet the needs of our demanding customers.  Greenplum can be deployed on our customer's favoured commodity x86 servers thus removing IT vendor lock-in constraints and ensuring complete hardware flexibility. The combined Greenplum DBMS and Apache Hadoop software delivers fast load and query performance whilst also supporting the development of best-of-breed solutions to complex 'big data' challenges."

Paul Johnson, CTO

VLDB Solutions has developed a product called Search Science, a search marketing optimization system that not only delivers its users an increased ROI, but also gives clear visibility of how customers interact across the enterprise and how the uplift is achieved. Search Science yields the greatest benefits for companies that need to drive a competitive edge and spend, or plan to spend, significantly on paid search in most on-line industries. The more keywords in play the greater the return.

Search Science uses an entirely new (‘4th generation’) approach to PPC search performance optimization. Search Science delivers a fully automated PPC search optimization solution based on the following inter-dependant components:
- Tag-free, real-time digital data capture:
- High-performance detailed analytic database (Greenplum)
- Automated, machine learning model-based bid optimization

At all times the business user maintains full control via the setting of goals and constraints which can be changed as often as required at the account, campaign or ad group level. An override facility also ensures that sudden, unexpected market condition changes can be responded to quickly.

Customers of VLDB include big names such as Shop Direct, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Allied Irish Bank, Vodafone and Kesco.

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