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Synergic Partners is a strategy and technology consultancy specializing in Data Management, Data Governance, Data Analytics and Big Data with the aim of turning companies’ information into strategic assets for the business.

One of the primary focuses of the company is Big Data, where Synergic Partners applies experience and industry-specific knowledge to develop high –value solutions.

“We firmly believe that Big Data is a game-changer. In order to take full advantage of these new business opportunities we are supporting our client companies in the Big Data adoption roadmap. This means not only providing cutting-edge technology and industry-specific solutions but also helping them develop new skills”
Carme Artigas, Co-founder, Synergic Partners

Synergic Partners aims to be the trusted partner for its client companies in the implementation of strategic business initiatives where Data Management, Data Governance, Data Analytics or Big Data are  the key factors to success. To do so, Synergic Partners works together with leading technology providers and strategic partners to develop cutting-edge, innovative solutions, thus gaining recognition from clients and thought leaders worldwide.
With this background, Synergic Partners is helping companies in the adoption of Big Data as a key competitive factor to drive new business opportunities.

The partnership between Synergic Partners and EMC Greenplum represents a best-of-breed solution, combining knowledge, innovation and leading products that enable customers to perform groundbreaking

• Customer Experience Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Customer churn analysis
• Point-of-sale analysis
• Trade surveillance
• Marketing campaigns optimization
• Dynamic pricing
• Consumer insight
• Unstructured, innovative analysis
• Data Scientist collaborative solution

Synergic Partners provides knowledge and advice to IBEX 35 companies  across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, banking, insurance, retail and telecommunications.


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