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Squid Solutions is an innovative technology and solutions provider in the field of Big Data analytics. Squid uses a proprietary web-based software development kit (SDK) to create powerful, yet easy-to-understand advanced analytics applications tailor-made to meet specific customer demands in a timely and economic manner.

The SQUID architecture, platform, SDK and ecosystem of specialized partnerships have been established to bring customers the benefits of Big Data analytics without the investments and constraints this would otherwise require. SQUID empowers customers to:

“ We have chosen the Greenplum UAP as the underlying infrastructure for our multi-tenant Cloud platform because it provides the most advanced features and performance capacities. Greenplum is the backbone on which the Squid analytics SDK operates. As a result, Squid is able to offer customers fully extensible, scalable data solutions regardless of market or geographic footprint”.

Adrien Schmidt, CEO Squid Solutions

• Create powerful, user-friendly analytics Apps tailor-made to end-user needs
• Accelerate ‘Time-to-Market’ (Apps)
• Expand end-user App adoption - and therefore ROI
• Sharply reduce Total Cost of Ownership
• Achieve scalability & complete data security
• Aggregate massive internal & external data sets – structured or raw

Squid customers include FMCGs, e-commerce portals, telecoms, marketing agencies, retailers, financial service players, consulting firms, tech integrators and developers who need advanced analytics to solve real-world business problems traditional BI cannot handle.

With SQUID, clients do not have to decipher data, stack software or expend additional internal resources in the hope of gaining the desired results. SQUID delivers real-world, deep analytics in formats business end-users understand, can easily access and which form the basis for innovation from C-level management to operational field executives.


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