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Squid offers media agencies, marketing service companies and consulting firms a Big Data Analytics Service Platform to design and run applications in the Cloud. The Squid platform stores, churns and analyzes complex databases ‘from the ground up’ to identify links traditional BI tools cannot detect.

Squid provides clients a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable partners across every sector, market and geographic footprint to easily develop killer apps suited to their specific client needs and requirements.   Business end-users see only the results packaged in great apps which foster insight and stimulate innovation.

“Collaboration is where we see the value of a cloud platform and that’s why we integrated our software with Greenplum Chorus. We are also happy to have chosen the Greenplum UAP as the underlying infrastructure for a cloud offering as it offers the most advanced features and a very high performance level.”
Adrien Schmidt, CEO Squid Solutions

Squid delivers the benefits of Big Data without the massive investments and retraining of IT staff this would otherwise require. How? Squid channels the power of Cloud-based analytics into user-friendly business apps tailor-made to address the data needs of clients across any business vertical. Squid provides the technological platform (EMC certified), a Software Development Kit and advanced analytics while partners or direct clients provide specific industry, sector and client knowledge. End-users see only the results packaged in simple business apps which foster insight and stimulate innovation.
Thanks to Squid, companies are better equipped to add value, improve margins, reduce product-to-market times, package insights, secure larger shares of client budgets, win new tenders/contracts and demonstrate their mastery of Big Data with none of the heavy lifting.  

In short, Squid provides a significant, scalable and sustainable competitive advantage in Big Data which, in turn, allows clients to focus on their core business.  Squid makes Big Data simple for all stakeholders whether they are media agencies, brand managers, vertical consultants, software developers, integrators, stat geeks, predictive modelers, operational managers or industrial CEOs.  Squid provides the key insights business leaders need freeing them to focus on performance, innovation & growth.

Squid customers include eBay, Groupe La Poste, VWBank, and Figaro Classifieds.

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