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SaaSID Cloud Application Manager provides comprehensive management of all user interaction with all web applications – whether delivered from public, hybrid or private clouds – enabling organizations to realize the benefits of the cloud while crucially retaining control. A comprehensive audit trail is captured of all user activity and, using Greenplum, this data is turned into knowledge to support key business decisions.

SaaSID Cloud Application Manager allows organizations to quickly and effectively regain control of the cloud with complete visibility and accountability. Management of access to individual application features extends enterprise security policies to any web application accessed via a browser, with the freedom to use almost any device, supporting the introduction of flexible BYOD initiatives or the extension of existing schemes.

"SaaSID captures all user interaction with Cloud-based applications in a detailed visual audit trail. With the event volumes involved our customers’ databases get big quickly. Greenplum is an extremely powerful, high-performance, affordable platform that enables large amounts of data to be analysed and turned into actionable intelligence."

Ed Macnair, CEO, SaaSID

SaaSID CAM is entirely independent of the web applications themselves requiring no frontend or backend code modifications. SaaSID enables organizations to select from a wide range of cloud vendors irrespective of the level of customization offered, or the lack of complexity in preset security models.

SaaSID CAM enhances cloud management in three critical areas:

  • Provides Single Sign On (SSO) to all web applications, either within wider federated identity programs or standalone
  • Restores on-premise equivalent access control to any web application feature and function with a single click, combined with the ability to redact sensitive data
  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all user activity for legislative and regulatory compliance

Customers of SaaSID include major banks, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, law firms and national and international oil companies. 


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