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Predixion Software develops and markets predictive analytics solutions to help customers leverage their big data investments with easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, self-service predictive analytics. Together, Predixion, EMC and Greenplum provide customers with actionable predictions that drive significant savings and increased revenue by fully leveraging their data.

Predixion Enterprise Insight™ is an advanced analytics platform that delivers real impact for customers by bringing the power of predictive intelligence to the enterprise. Most companies continue to either focus on historic BI to form their decisions or rely on highly specialized predictive modeling solutions that are extremely costly to use. Predixion’s intuitive and easy-to-access solutions allow users to unlock deep insights within their historical data inside familiar business application environments with powerful and accurate - yet easy to create and manage - predictive models.

"Supporting the Greenplum platform is a sign of our technology and vision leadership in the predictive analytics arena.  The EMC/GreenPlum UAP platform offers us a unique opportunity to build the next generation of predictive analytics applications.  Together Predixion and Greenplum are going to truly democratize predictive analytics that deliver real business value in accelerated timeframes."

Mark McNally, Vice President of Business Development , Predixion Software

Predixion’s deployment framework and open API enable seamless integration into live data sources and   broad consumption of these powerful predictions within the enterprise.   Predictions can also be distributed into line-of-business applications delivering near real-time predictive results for smarter decisions.

Predixion’s self-service predictive analytics drive value to customers and enable them to: 

  • Capitalize on big-data investments
  • Leverage real-time predictive results for smarter decisions
  • Realize immediate ROI
  • Extend predictive intelligence into line-of-business applications

Predixion Benefits:

Ease of Use

  • Easy installation
  • Secure, web-based administration portal
  • Wizard-driven capabilities

Enterprise Automation & Collaboration

  • Update models, reports, and dashboards with automated predictive workflows
  • Share models, data sets, and results with individuals or groups

Real-time Predictive Results for Smarter Decisions

Predictive Intelligence Embedded into Line-of-Business Applications with Open API


Vertical Market Solutions Including:

 Healthcare Solutions

  • Readmissions management
  • Identifying at-risk patients
  • Disease prediction

Financial Services Solutions

  • Risk modeling
  • Fraud detection
  • Forecasting
  • Churn/attrition management
  • Up-sell/cross-sell

 Marketing Solutions

  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign/promotion optimization
  • Recommendation generation
  • Customer lifetime value

 Customers of Predixion include Kaiser, Centene, Cisco, Kiwibank and Microsoft.



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