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PreClarity is a leading network and customer intelligence software company providing a full solution in partnership with EMC/Greenplum SAN, database and Hadoop products for mobile, cable and utility service providers.

PreClarity’s NetProphet software leverages Greenplum technology to process, analyze and summarize vast amounts of network, device, operational and subscriber information from various sources within a network - and then turn that “Big Data” into a 360° detail and summary view of all customer activity in easy to use applications with BI reports and visualization dashboards.

“PreClarity specializes in processing, correlating, and analyzing very large and complex data sets – sometimes tens of billions of events per day.  Our joint customers require very high performance solutions in a very cost effective delivery product. Utilizing PreClarity’s NetProphet and EMC’s Greenplum we truly deliver real world class solutions that help our customers run their businesses more effectively and competitively.  Greenplum is a perfect fit for PreClarity.”
Bob Becklund, CEO, PreClarity

With PreClarity’s solution, Greenplum’s customers can:

  • Quickly and easily see the holistic view of network and subscriber activity
  • Let the data “speak” for itself – so customers get better, faster insights and conclusions
  • Visualize their data in interactive dashboards, rather than static reports
  • Drilldown on specific detailed data set interactively, or export them for further analysis
  • Feed downstream tools like predictive engines with more accurate and complete data

With PreClarity, customers can accelerate their business plans, maximize the value of their subscribers, optimize their network investments, effectively launch new products and services, drive down costs, reduce churn, optimize network investments and enhance and personalize the customer experience.

With PreClarity and Greenplum, customers are enabled with:

  • Capacity Monitoring Analytics – providing analytics to analyze, account and report on cable television, broadband, wireless and wireline network activity and trends (including voice, data, or messaging) for use in Network Planning and Operations organizations
  • Customer Insight And Segmentation – providing analytics to analyze, report, and segment subscribers, their devices, and their experience in the network by their activity profiles, for use in Product Marketing and Customer Care organizations
  • Viewership and Campaign Management Correlation – providing data segmentation and reporting related to customers and user groups around advanced advertising engagement campaigns, for use in Advertising and Marketing Organizations
  • SmartGrid Monitoring and Analysis (for the Utilities Industry)– providing analytical health and performance analytics of the AMI and communications networks, for use in Network Planning and Operations Organizations

PreClarity’s NetProphet application is in use today at leading customers like T-Mobile USA,  Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, Marriott Corporation and The Dallas Morning News.


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