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Movideo is an integrated cloud based solution to manage, deliver and analyse online video content. Movideo users tap into the power of the Greenplum database to instantly generate detailed ad hoc reports of their streaming media’s performance.

Movideo offers businesses big and small a solution for online video needs.  A media-centric SaaS cloud solution, Movideo allows online publishers to manage, encode, store, deliver and analyse online video content. It is the largest SaaS online video platform business based in the APAC region.

“Greenplum provides Movideo the ability to process and store terabytes of video analytics data for our customers. This enables them to instantly generate detailed ad hoc reports of their streaming media’s performance, with the speed and flexibility that traditional database solutions could not provide.” 
Lee Kemp, Software Development Manager

Movideo allows for the efficient management and delivery of online video anywhere - mobile, web tablet or connected televisions; and can be used for live streaming of events. Movideo’s media players are easily customised using standard web technologies.  Importantly the platform can configure to each device and report back on the user’s experience and will always be ready to integrate new innovations as they emerge. 

Integral to the platform’s success is its inbuilt business intelligence tools which provide detailed analysis. Developed to support the media business’ need to optimise the monetisation of content with audiences in a multi-platform environment,  the Movideo team has invested heavily in developing real time user and content intelligence since 2007.

The Movideo team also provides exceptional customer management support – offering advice and assistance, with 24/7 technical support all year round.

Movideo’s customers include Network Ten (Australia), MNC Group( Indonesia), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Reader’s Digest (Singapore) and Astro Group (Malaysia).

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