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Media Science focuses explicitly on solving the Big Data ‘Variety’ problem. It is a new platform that brings together all data sources ( internal and external), to help business users make better decisions and allow them to compare, contrast and collide data from a variety of sources on the same chart.

The Media Science platform has the ability to connect with any data source (both known today and currently unknown future sources) and can integrate with any visualization solution, BI provides or analytics platform. It can therefore be used as an ‘end-to end’ solution covering all stages from raw data to end-visualization or can be deployed as a middleware layer, seamlessly integrating with customers’ existing BI, Analytics or Visualization tools.

Unified Data

Unified data enables the presentation of multiple data sets on a single-visualization, significantly increasing the potential for insight revelation. Aggregated dashboard-type solutions can do an excellent job of showcasing different metrics side by side, but insight comes easier when everything is together on a single chart.

Complexity Simplified

Media Science has developed a proprietary ontology to meet the Variety challenge within Big Data. The optimum blend of speed, resilience and flexibility is at the core of this approach and can be described as a semi-structured approach to data management.

Flexible Storage

One of the advantages of semi-structured unified data is the ability to remain agnostic to where that data is stored. Media Science has a unique storage solution which acts as the translation layer between the queries against the stored unified data and the different data store options. Data is automatically and intelligently moved between stores for the best end-user experience, providing the optimum balance between the trilogy of speed, performance and cost.

Our partners

Media Science works with a wide variety of partners across the media, technology and data markets. These include the likes of Hall & Partners, RAPP, Mr President, Dunnhumby, Kognitio, Juice Analytics, Bacardi and UEFA.


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