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IS Solutions is an analytics expert with years of experience in ensuring clients get the most from their customer data. Working with technology from best of breed partners like EMC Greenplum, SAS and Celebrus, IS Solutions uses its skills and expertise to develop a framework for each client that allows their data to be an enabler for success rather than a source of frustration.

IS Solutions is committed to delivering a data framework, tailored to the unique needs of each client, that genuinely unlocks the value of their data.  The process to deliver this value relies on a number of key stages:

“The Catalytics Partner Network for EMC Greenplum typifies our approach to unlocking the value of client data – it seeks to demystify the data issues that all large enterprises are experiencing, provides practical solutions to the data puzzle and puts the value of that data back into the hands of the business where it can best be realised.  We are confident that our expertise, combined with best of breed technologies from EMC Greenplum and other key industry partners, will provide a compelling solution for enterprises that are serious about using their data to deliver success.”
Peter Kear, Sales and Marketing Director, IS Solutions Plc

  • Developing an awareness of the client’s need for data, their business drivers and their users of that data.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the multiple data sources delivering customer information into the client’s datastores.
  • Grasping the context in which the client’s data needs exist – their market sector, their regulatory environment, their competitors and, of course, the needs of their customers.
  • Agreeing a chosen approach with the client to provide a solution that meets their requirements, their budget and their aspirations.
  • Specifying, developing, implementing and configuring the chosen solution with bespoke options for system support, user training and management of the solution after delivery.
  • Offering a range of flexible delivery options, from on-premise to managed service, appliance to SaaS, with complete agility to formulate a blend of possibilities if required.
  • Proven sector experience
  • Solutions for retail – for offering a single view of the customer across multiple touchpoints, for maximising the customer experience and improving levels of satisfaction and for offering real-time personalisation of campaigns and offers to customers most likely to respond positively.
  • Solutions for telcos – for tailoring device and plan options to the needs of individual customers, for enhancing customer retention and lifetime value rates and for focusing on the needs of the most profitable customers.
  • Solutions for finance – for engendering customer loyalty and reducing churn, for providing tailored products in real-time based on individual customer circumstances, for overcoming issues in the areas of fraud and regulatory compliance.

IS Solutions has been operating since 1985 and unraveling the complexities of client data since 1996.  Clients include AA, NHS, RBS, Toshiba, Toyota, Vodafone and Zurich Insurance. 


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