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iGATE Patni helps telecoms companies analyze high volume data using a best possible architecture to derive real intelligence. The modular framework provides precise actionable intelligence on key business areas to enable informed decisions and business performance improvement.

APART (Accelerated Performance Analysis and Reporting for Telecoms) is a solution by iGate Patni that allows business users to drill down on 200 business entities using KPIs such as subscriber migration, campaign performance,  invoice disputes…. The solution provides both bottom line focus on controlling operational margin and topline focus  market performance. APART leverages iGATE Patni’s deep expertise in business intelligence, data warehousing and master data management. The solution is based on industry established models (SID), processes (TOM) and practices (ITIL). The focus is not just on providing operational and historical information but also on enabling faster deployment and decision-making to drive high-impact business outcomes.
The APART Solution is built on Greenplum providing high performance & scalability. Key out-of-the-box features of the solution include:

‘’ iGATE Patni and EMC Greenplum have come together to build a scalable, high-performance industry focused Business Intelligence Solution, thus enabling the business stakeholder to make quick and informed data-driven decisions. Furthermore, the comprehensiveness of the industry-prevalent, pre-configured KPIs enable rapid deployment of the solution, thus  providing valuable insights into key business areas from day one.”
Vishal Bhatnagar, Vice-President

Measuring and forecasting leading indicators of business performance

  • Structure and alignment to the Gartner Value Model for measuring business performance
  • A pre-built and extendable telecom data-model
  • A repository of more than 2,000 industry-specific attributes (based on the eTOM SID Model)
  • 200+ out-of-the-box reports against industry accepted strategic KPIs
  • A set of 50 rich graphic dashboards that provide different target views, making data easier to understand and analyze
  • ETL layer to populate the data model and to slice and dice data for reporting purposes
  • A technology stack to ensure performance and to handle high data volumes

iGATE Patni brings together the experience of two companies – iGATE and Patni  – and is one of the world’s leading IT service providers.

To see how the APART application works on the Greenplum platform, please watch this video.


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