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Gorilla helps big data customers extract the ‘meaning’ of unstructured data including surveillance video & network traffic. In conjunction with the state-of-the-art GreenPlum BigData analytics, Gorilla can help organizations discover behavior-based insights and take these insights to form a pattern-based response strategy.

Gorilla offers intelligent video surveillance solutions featuring analytics for enterprise business surveillance and network intelligence and forensics for telecommunications and web service industries. Gorilla also offers a range of content workflow solutions for broadcast TV, media companies and media facilities.

“Offering ‘big data’ cloud and self-service analytics, Gorilla ForeSight Business Surveillance Suite in conjunction with Greenplum assists clients in harnessing the full potential of their existing data with cost-effective, fast and scalable solutions.”
Alan Luo, Vice President of Gorilla Technology Group

Scalable modules built on an open systems architecture (OSA) ensure streamlined workflows for the capture, analysis, archiving, storage, repurposing, production and distribution of valuable unstructured assets, whether they be video, audio or other forms of content.

Gorilla Business Surveillance Solution is a business transformation tool that uncovers true business potential with each customer while mitigating threats to businesses before they emerge.

Gorilla ForeSight Business Surveillance Suite offers customers six main business advantages:

The right response at the right time to uncover true business potential in every customer encountered and mitigate threats before disasters strike.

  1. Intelligent surveillance to capture only the truly important – thus saving valuable resources.
  2. Vision-based computing to convert unstructured video and communication data into actual meaning.
  3. Behavior-based insight to learn about customers and detect true business opportunities.
  4. Insight-driven action to seize opportunities via real-time automated alerts and intelligent analytics and avoid the unthinkable via real-time command and control resolution.
  5. From real-world to virtual-world analysis to bring real-world business surveillance into the virtual world and operate on- and offline business with the same methodology.

Customers of Gorilla Technology include some big names like Overon, National Geographic Channel, Fox International Channels, Merck Thailand, CTV, Shanghai Media Group, UniNet and ETTV.  



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