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Gnip’s enterprise-grade platform delivers billions of real-time, public social media activities to drive businesses. Thanks to Greenplum's ability to handle the incredible growth in social data firehoses, enterprises are able to manage and analyze all the Tweets, Posts, Comments and Likes from dozens of leading social media sources Gnip provides them access to.

Gnip offers premium (and in many cases exclusive) access to the full ‛firehoses’ of social data from Twitter, Tumblr, Automattic (, and Intense Debate), Disqus and StockTwits, in addition to access to more than 60 public social data APIs.  

“Greenplum is a respected thought-leader in data warehousing and large-scale analytics, and we're excited that enterprises will be able to deploy billions of social data activities affordably and with scalability through their expertise. Greenplum's ability to handle the growth in social data firehoses from platforms like Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr makes them a dependable way to incorporate predictive analytics for superior business intelligence.”


Chris Moody, President & COO, Gnip

With its Premium Data Platform, Gnip gives enterprises fast access to data – in many cases, data found nowhere else on the market. The firehose streams of social data come from Twitter and major blog, comment, stock market and news sources. Gnip’s platform offers, among other things, these enterprise-level support features:

  • Format normalization 
  • URL expansion 
  • Language detection 
  • Klout scores
  • Phrase and keyword filters
  • Geo filters
  • User filters

Gnip's Enterprise Data Collector gives enterprises fast access to real-time, public social data streams from dozens of social networks, video and photo sites, blogs and forums, etc. Grip offers companies a dedicated data collector that supports up to six interchangeable real-time, public API streams. 

  • Format normalization 
  • URL expansion 
  • Plug-and-Play streams 
  • Duplicate exclusion 
  • Optimized polling 
  • Choice of protocols 

Gnip’s expertise lies in:

  •  Data ingestion: Gnip appliances can consume data in any of the alphabet soup of data formats delivered by all the current protocols. 
  • API maintenance: Gnip abstracts all the API changes, gives companies one API to care about – Gnip’s – and provides them with a dedicated person to call if something goes wrong.
  • Health monitoring and transparency: Gnip provides companies with greater transparency into the real-time health and results of their data collection processes.
  • Data delivery:  Gnip provides a streaming HTTP API to deliver social data in real-time to customers applications.  
  • Data normalization: Gnip enables companies to decide what format they'd like to consume and parse data for their apps.  
  • Data filtering and premium data sources: Companies can test and consume premium data sources from 3rd party providers and filtered versions of various Gnip data sources.

Gnip’s customers include well-known companies such as Alterian, Attensity, Chartbeat, Collective Intellect, Isobar and VisionLink.


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