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Factual provides developers with high value datasets that allow them to drive and accelerate innovation. Factual takes care of data management and data curation, letting developers focus on higher value tasks.

"We are delighted to be part of the Catalytics Partner Network for EMC Greenplum.   UAP/Chorus will be an essential data engineering platform for data scientists in all types of enterprises, giving them unparalleled access to new tools and resources to answer critical business questions using big data.  By embedding high quality 3rd party datasets, like the ones from Factual, into the solution, it will make it even easier for data scientists to jumpstart projects, and hopefully derive actionable insights and results from data analysis even faster."
Eva Ho, VP of Marketing & Operations, Factual

Factual aims to be the ubiquitous data layer on the web that leverages large-scale data aggregation and community exchange to create high value datasets for application developers. Factual focuses on making more data accessible for machines and developers, to drive and accelerate innovation in an unprecedented way. Factual provides clean, structured data with complete source transparency to developers via both download and API access. Factual aggregates data from many sources including partners, user community and the web, and applies a sophisticated machine-learning technology stack to:

  • Extract both unstructured and structured data from millions of inputs
  • Clean, standardize and canonicalize the data
  • Merge, deduplicate and map entities across online and offline sources

Factual takes the dirty work out of data management and data curation, letting developers focus on higher value and more productive tasks.
Factual customers include Newsweek, Loopt and Foursquare.

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