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Experian QAS specialises in assisting customers with their unique data quality challenges. We combine market leading software with a vast scope of reference data assets and services to deliver robust integrations that really add value.

Our mission is to put our customers in a position to make the right decisions from accurate and reliable data. The size and scope of data management projects varies considerably but the common factor in all initiatives is that they are the key to unlocking operational efficiency and improving customer engagement.

“Decisions are only as accurate as the data used to inform them. When using Greenplum to analyse and store vast amounts of data, managing the quality of that data with software and referential data must be a priority.”

Lawrence John, Integration Specialist at Experian QAS

We see the potential of data. Whether it’s helping organisations to remain compliant, improve business efficiencies or ensure they deliver best-in-class customer service. Data accuracy makes the telling difference to business performance.

Data quality solutions

Experian QAS have a host of data quality tools, developed over 20 years, that help you to manage your data more effectively, make informed business decisions, and provide improved customer service. Our solutions range from address verification software to a full end-to-end data management platform.

Data quality advice from the experts

At Experian QAS we have a dedicated team of specialist data quality consultants that can assist you with a range of services. Their offerings range from simple advice on data best practices and training support, to bespoke integration assistance and in-depth data projects, such as data migration assistance and introducing a data governance structure.

To speak with one of our data quality consultants about a project or issue that your organisation is facing, simply contact us today.


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