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DataSift aggregates, filters and extracts social data in real time, and delivers it to organizations in a structured, ready-to-analyze format. Using Greenplum’s advanced analytics tools, companies can now combine structured social data with internal customer and transactional data, which is an extremely powerful combination.

DataSift Inc. is a social data platform offering the most powerful and sophisticated tools for extracting value from social data. Enterprises and entrepreneurs use DataSift to gain deep insights from the billions of public social conversations happening on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, forums and news sources. The billions of social conversations occurring daily make social data the new enterprise imperative.

"Since partnering up to found Big Data Week, DataSift and EMC Greenplum have been driving the big data market. We are excited about our partnership because we both bring something unique to the table. DataSift’s powerful social data platform and EMC Greenplum’s trusted big data platform facilitate an unmatched ability to join social data with internal and transactional data." 

Tim Barker, CMO at DataSift


The biggest challenge with social data is collecting the social conversations and making sense of the unstructured data. DataSift effectively does the heavy lifting for you:

  • Sources: DataSift brings together the most popular real-time data sources so you only need to work with one platform. Our 17 data sources include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, NewsCred, Wikipedia, and millions of blogs and message boards.
  • Augmentations: DataSift analyzes every single item of data it aggregates, adding additional augmentations for deeper analysis. These range from language detection and sentiment analysis to advanced capabilities like Natural Language Processing to extract the topics and entities mentioned. 
  • Normalization: All data that passes through DataSift is structured in a common format to make consuming the data much simpler.


  • CSDL language was created specifically for DataSift, to run every conceivable type of data operation. This allows you to define the data you want returned down to the finest detail.


  • After filtering, the structured data can be streamed in real-time through the DataSift platform to a company’s application or it can be recorded by our platform and downloaded later. 

DataSift is currently working with some of the most high-profile and influential companies within News, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Social Monitoring and Marketing, and Public Service.


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