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Datactics have been a niche player on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality for the last five years and in 2011 its customer references positioned Datactics as the best vendor on the whole Quadrant for managing product related data.

Before consolidated data from disparate sources is analysed, it is always good practice to ensure that all uploads are aligned, consistent, valid and complete. Data Quality Control for Greenplum is built into the database and is used to inspect the data and in many cases execute the remediation required. 

Whether the analysis of data is for measuring the effectiveness of medicines, gaining competitive advantage, saving cost or any other purpose the results will only ever be as good as the quality of the underlying data allows.
It is surprisingly quick and easy to check whole data sets for inherent problems and get assurance that analysis can provide meaningful results. Relying on small samples of data when it is possible to check the whole lot in minutes won’t sound good later if problems arise!

“As a company Datactics are passionate about the results our users can achieve by mastering the power of their data. We have teamed with EMC Greenplum so that their users can rely on their inbuilt analytical tools in the knowledge that the quality of the underlying data has been assured.” 
Jon Brooks, CEO, Datactics.

Through the use of the new Datactics Data Quality Control module embedded in EMC Greenplum, any SQL programmer can call a library of pre-built functions to validate that the data from all sources is aligned, complete and appropriate before the inbuilt analytics are run.
- Dynamic queries can be applied and modified across the database
- No lengthy training required
- Any language, any data type

The same product can be used to cleanse the data, without the need to become a Black Belt in some proprietary programming language, to spot patterns, intelligently realign the data, add classifications such as product types and identify potential duplicates despite minor spelling and other differences, even typos like transposition errors.

Datactics customers include Fortune 500 Companies like Terex Inc as well as the NHS Supply Chain, Bank of Ireland and the City and County of San Francisco.


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