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CR-X delivers information in real time to and from enterprise applications and services. CR-X achieves this using: code-free data transformation utilities that integrates structured and unstructured data and is compatible with both Greenplum’s Relational DB and the Hadoop environment. CR-X offers unsurpassed transaction processing power, a very rapid implementation environment and low cost of ownership including hardware and software licensing overheads.

The CR-X Big Data Engine and its streaming technology allows businesses to harness enormous diverse data volumes in any format. It drives real-time business insights, in turn powering successful, profitable outcomes.

“Using CR-X you can streamline  all your company’s metrics into a single view. It’s an invaluable  way to measure  how your business is performing and how your customers  really feel about  the level of service you offer.”
Rob Strickland, Big Data Industry Advisor, CR-X

CR-X works in harmony with Greenplum to perform complex rules based analytics such as end to end Customer Experience, Big Data audits such as Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection, as well as high volume Network Quality and Performance management.

Capable of processing over 100,000 variable transactions per second, per core, CR-X is recognized as the world’s fastest data integration engine. The CR-X engine is the hub for future-focused business-driven organizations.

Highly available, scalable technology guarantees real-time access to up-to- the-minute data and the analytics most relevant to businesses. What sets CR-X apart is how it cost-effectively manages the transformation. This is why leading media, telecommunication, finance, health, utility and transport companies consider us to be the change maker in Big Data integration.


- Runs on simple, low cost commodity hardware, compatible with Greenplum appliances and distribution model

- Operating system independent (Open standards)

- Handles massive file sizes & volumes – processes compressed files and varying record types

- Deciphers non-conventional data formats – structured & non-structured

- Does not require an underlying database to support processing

- Provides ultra-fast real-time & batch speeds – no latency 100-1000x faster

- Converts field and file formats in memory

- Self-documenting, simple to install, learn & use

- Embedded project management & version control

- Self-contained job scheduler and statistics server

CR-X customers include Telstra, T-Mobile, Orange, National Australia Bank, Red Cross Blood Services, Red Button Technologies, Assure Connect and ClickFox.



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