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Comptel Social Links enables communication service providers (CSPs) to engage their customers with effective marketing campaigns which result in new revenue growth, reduced churn and improved customer experience. Comptel Social Links achieves this by optimizing personalized customer interactions with the help of world-class advanced analytics features, such as social network analysis, predictive modelling and machine-learning algorithms. By choosing Social Links, CSPs can enjoy positive business results in a matter of weeks, ensuring fast time-to-revenue.

Comptel Social Link is an advanced analytics solution which empowers communication service providers (CSPs) to fully utilize their customer data to drive new revenue growth, reduce churn and increase results in marketing campaign response rates. The solution achieves this by predicting future behaviour of individual customers and analytically optimizing personalized customer interactions based on the CSP’s business objectives.

For different phases of the customer life cycle, different use cases can be applied. In addition to the use cases exemplified below, there are a number of turnkey algorithms which can be tailored to the individual needs of the CSP.

  • Acquire new customers. Peer-to-peer customer acquisition is a highly social interaction and requires social analytics to be effective. Use cases providing effective campaign targeting lists for peer-to-peer acquisition are built on the analysis of subscribers’ social interactions and other behaviour. A subscriber with just one tight connection can be an effective recruiter, which is detected by the subscriber’s overall individual, behavioural and social characteristics.
  • Engage new customers. New subscribers require special attention to ramp up their usage and to prevent rotational churn. A typical challenge with new subscribers is that in the first few days following the customer acquisition, the data available for analysis is restricted. However, Comptel can make a powerful ‘zero-day’ analysis to determine whether the new customer is a potential high value customer or a possible churner or, in the case of churn, to determine the optimal offer to prevent the new customer from churning.
  • Increase customer profitability. Use cases aiming to optimize top-up- and cross-sell campaigns predict the customers who are likely to respond positively to the campaign offers and identify those who are not bound to purchase the product without a personalized offer. Personalized and optimized campaign targeting lists are also essential for successful top-up and usage optimisation campaigns.
  • Prolong customer lifetime. Churn prediction tools and methods typically provide very accurate prediction results of churning customers. However, these results come out by the time the customer has already decided to churn. Comptel Social Links differs from most methods and tools by analysing hundreds of variables both on the individual customer level and in the customer’s social networks, thus enabling the prediction of future churners before the subscriber has made the decision to churn. Moreover, optimized churn prevention mechanisms allow the CSPs to engage the customer with personalized ‘stay-with-us’ offers before the decision to churn is made.



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