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Celebrus helps companies increase revenue per customer and lifetime value, maximise conversion rates, heighten brand loyalty and optimise channels. Celebrus achieves this by capturing detailed data on customers¹ interactions with websites, mobile and rich-media apps, YouTube and Facebook.

The tag-free solution from Celebrus Technologies (formerly Speed-Trap) provides complete and detailed data, in real-time, on every individual online visitor’s current and previous interactions with your websites, mobile and rich-media apps, YouTube and Facebook.

“We are delighted to be part of the EMC Greenplum’s Catalytics Partner Network, especially at a time when the marketplace increasingly understands the need to truly treat their customers as individuals.   The combination of Celebrus’ unique individual-level online data and Greenplum’s enterprise data warehouse technology will enable organisations to quickly gain considerable business value and increased competitive advantage.”Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus customers integrate this data into their customer and business intelligence programmes and work with our partners to:

  • Build a single customer view and deepen customer intelligence
  • Drive truly personalised email marketing programmes
  • Adapt website content in real-time for each visitor
  • Optimise promotions and offers for individual customers
  • Measure the real value of their marketing investments
  • Improve the online customer experience

The business results they see include:

  • Increased revenue per customer and lifetime value
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Heightened brand loyalty
  • Cost savings and channel optimisation

Celebrus prepared a great animation video to show how their solutions works.


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