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CallMiner provides contact center analytics solutions that process all channels of the Voice of the Customer. By processing all voice, chat, text, email and social feeds, CallMiner delivers actionable business intelligence that drives continuous improvement across business processes and dramatic reduction in operational costs.

CallMiner’s mission is to help enterprises improve customer centric processes through root cause analysis.  

CallMiner was founded in 2002 on the belief that an automated and accurate method of discovery within the millions of hours of recorded customer conversations would be a transformational enabler of actionable business intelligence.   By  capturing consistent and reliable information about customer demands, market trends and how well agents are meeting service needs, an enterprise can drive numerous efficiencies.

"We are delighted to be part of the Catalytics Partner Network with EMC/Greenplum.  Contact Center Analytics is clearly a Big Data problem.  At the bit level, recorded voice conversations represent 150 times that of text-based data channels like email and social.  So scaling the processing architecture to keep up with enormous and fast growing data sets is a critical requirement.  By processing an organization’s customer contact s across all channels, including voice, chat, email and social feeds, CallMiner brings valuable an actionable intelligence to the contact center that drives continuous improvement in performance, and reduction in operating costs for a hard and compelling ROI."
Bob Sullebarger, SVP Sales & Marketing

CallMiner helps organizations:
- Automatically discover new trends or topics in conversations.
- Increase agent quality and performance, yielding more efficient calls and better customer experiences.
- Improve operational processes.  Identify efficiencies and opportunities to reduce cost, including identifying barriers and broken processes, including reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) time and First Call Resolution (FCR).
- Optimize collections rates and mitigate risk by monitoring procedural adherence for compliance.
- Identify customers at risk of churn.
- Track and improve customer satisfaction metrics.
- Increase sales performance by identifying best practices and measuring offer rates.

CallMiner customer include the IRS, Microsoft, HSBC, British Gas, Saveology, Daimler, BNY Mellon, Santander, and other enterprises and government organizations.


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