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Black Swan’s aim is to make data easy and actionable in order to better understand and connect to consumers

Black Swan clients have common data challenges:

“We moved our infrastructure to Greenplum and saw immediate business benefits in speed,  cost and reliability. Now we have a solid base to offer our big data services from we can concentrate on identifying and acting on high-impact, hard-to-predict, insights beyond the realm of normal expectations. We believe Black Swan insights are the key to unlocking growth opportunities for clients and with the capacity to store and retrieve so much information we are now able to predict the success of our clients campaigns before they have even started.”
Steve King – Founder and CEO of Black Swan Data


  • THE WORLD AS WE’VE KNOWN IT CHANGED : Multi-screened reality has led to an explosion of market behaviours to measure, and well as a proliferation of platforms to now track and capture data around.
  • DATA CHAOS: More consumer data platforms have been launched in the last six months than in the last six years combined, signaling an immediate need to tame and optimize data flow.
  • DATA ISLANDS : Every platform acts as its own entity, storing information on its own servers. The result is a sea of decentralized and disconnected information silos scattered throughout the web.
  • THE KNOWLEDGE IS FLEETING : This data is not the client’s - but stored on the provider’s own servers, making accessing past information for trends, correlations and learning near-impossible
  • INFORMATION INTIMIDATION - MAD MEN vs MATH MEN: Today’s marketers are creative problem-solvers, not analytical interpreters. They require simplified access and understanding to a large number of data sets in order to determine real, actionable insights for their business.

Black Swan solves these problems by

  • UNIFYING data sources into Greenplum
  • INTERPRETING the data and discovering new insights using visualization and data analytics tools
  • PREDICTING sales and marketing performance using models that assist in optimizing future plans

Other BI platforms available often require the user to have a basic understanding in programming or statistics but the user friendly Black Swan Dashboard makes anyone a data scientist and does the work for you, making it easy to pull actionable knowledge together. It can be used by internal marketing, communications and sales teams and requires no training. New public data feeds can be set up within minutes and new internal feeds integrated within days.


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