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BONC has developed a common Data warehouse Model for the telecom industry which encompasses data cleansing and auditing, metadata management, chart analysis, dashboard reporting, data mining algorithms and business data workflow modeling.

With its R&D strength and implementation capability, BONC can meet the rigorous requirement of a customer who is building a data warehouse environment, business analysis, knowledge discovery, decision support, customer service and marketing.  

“BONC is China’s leading business analytics software solution providers focusing on BI, CRM and CTI research and development. We are pleased to work with EMC-Greenplum for their deep analytics capability so that we can provide a comprehensive, scalable and cost effective solution to our customers.”
Mr. Peng Yan, Manager, Business Division.

BONC focuses on 5 key technology areas of an enterprise
- Enterprise data platform – Foundation of BI Intelligent system through establishment of hierarchical data warehouse architecture, a unified data model, integration of production data, and data support for the upper data analysis platform and CRM applications
- Operation data storage (ODS) which is the integration of production data, production systems, unified interface platform, data services interfacing for enterprise systems
- Business Analysis Support System to support the day-to-day management and operation of decision-making system, using statistical analysis techniques, data mining technology to help high-level policy makers and business managers to understand the status of the business, monitor and prediction of key future trend.
- Customer analysis platform – provides customer insights for marketing planning, marketing campaign closed-loop assessment process, data mining tools to create the data model and filtering rules on targeted customer base, thereby improving marketing efficiency and improving hit rate.
- GIS geographic information system to show customers, instance, usage, revenue, network resources and other internal information, as well as competition, municipal and other external information.

Among the customers of BONC are China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom.

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