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Battenberg Inc. specializes in finding and packaging the world's most innovative analytical technologies. All of our technologies are underpinned by our exceptional insight analysts and technical consultants who help companies use their data to drive understanding; reduce costs and bring them closer to their customers. By adding the power of the Greenplum computing appliance to our proposition we can now deliver in-depth insight at incredible speeds.

“We chose to work with the Greenplum computing appliance as it is the market leading platform for big data analytics. Combining this platform with our analytical technologies has meant that we can provide businesses with a one stop shop for all their analytical requirements. i.e. tools, processing power and data scientists”

Chris Lavender Managing Director at Battenberg Inc.

We offer a number of solutions based on Greenplum on-premise or Greenplum in the cloud. These products range from the Battenberg Inc Intelligent Email product (which performs in-depth analytics to segment and classify customers to increase marketing effectiveness by up to 300%) to Battenberg Healthcare - which uses predictive analytics to save up to 18% of readmissions budgets within hospitals.

One of Battenberg’s big name customers is Swimshop, Europe’s number one online swimwear retailer.

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