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Officially certified by EMC, the new Attunity Replicate for Greenplum solution enables operational data warehousing for EMC Greenplum environments by providing high-performance, end-to-end data replication with quick time-to-value.

Attunity is a provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. Its software solutions include data replication, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity, enterprise file replication (EFR) and managed-file-transfer (MFT). Attunity’s software has been deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide and offers customers significant business benefits by enabling real-time access and availability of data and files where and when needed.

“Attunity’s partnership with EMC Greenplum enables enterprises to capitalize on the value of Big Data by addressing the key barrier of information availability in the Big Data Warehouse. Our award-winning data replication product, Attunity Replicate, is tightly integrated with Greenplum to offer an optimized solution, allowing customers to benefit from both high-performance loading of Big Data as well as a “Click-2-Replicate’ experience that dramatically reduces the time and costs of making information available for Big Data Analytics. We are proud to be part of the EMC Greenplum Catalytics Partner Network and serve the growing community of enterprises using Greenplum worldwide.”

Itamar Ankorion, VP Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Attunity

Attunity Replicate for Greenplum empowers EMC customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources and then maintain changed data continuously and efficiently. Attunity Replicate effectively facilitates the latter function via change data capture (CDC) technology, streaming changes captured from the source databases to Greenplum with very low impact on the source.

Attunity Replicate for Greenplum supports:

  • High-performance full loads and continuous change data capture
  • Click-2-Replicate graphical user interface for designing and monitoring replication tasks
  • A wide range of data sources including mainstream relational databases and legacy systems
  • Automatic schema generation and implementation of metadata changes on the target
  • Transparent data type transformations between  source and target

Attunity Replicate’s server architecture is tightly integrated with the Greenplum parallel file server (gpfdist) in order to leverage its Scatter/Gather Streaming™ technology for optimized fast, parallel data loading facilities. This integrated approach ensures that all of the segments in the Greenplum Database system are fully utilized when loading data to provide optimal, streamlined performance.

Customers of Attunity include ExxonMobil, HBO, BBC, US Postal Service, Pfizer, Sony, HSBC, DuPont, Cable & Wireless and Cisco. 

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