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Customer insight, marketing mix optimization, risks management, fraud detection, price optimization, and many other complex business challenges are solved by Analytika by exploiting all available data through advanced mathematical models. Analytika leverages Greenplum's speed and big data capabilities, together with an extensive multi sector modeling experience, to provide bespoke solutions that reflect a company's unique way of doing business.

Once the mathematical model has been defined to answer the issue at hand, Analytika provides the software technology to facilitate decision making and operational deployment. Input and output of data can be collected from any source: social media, mobile phones, transactional and operational, other data bases, and stored in Greenplum for fast operational execution and decision making. 

"Greenplum and Analytika make an unbeatable team for Advanced Analytical Modeling of large data sets. The challenge with ‘big data’ and mathematical models is the time needed to get results. Companies can now use their complete data sets to find the information and business patterns required for objective and fact based decision making”.
Efres Belmonte, Partner, Analytika


  • Retail. In retailing Analytika might load all sales, customer, and product data into Greenplum, then define all customer segments, RFM analysis, price sensitivity, shopping behavior, promotion response, basket analysis, etc. and then define the optimum price for promotions deployment through our integrated mobile applications platforms.
  • CPG. For a large international brand Analytika might load Greenplum with all social media inputs, sales data, marketing budget data to optimize and understand where to best allocate budgets, the relationship between what people say in social media and what people buy, hallo effects, cannibalization… and many more conclusions that help make strategic decisions.  Price, promotion and channel management are also key CPG analytical demands.
  • Banking. A bank may want to create a risks map and quantify the operational risks to reduce the capital requirements needed to meet the regulatory authorities’ demand and the Basel Committee's suggestions. Greenplum and Analytika provide a unique solution for customer value management, integrating and exploiting different data sources: core banking, ATM, merchant, social media and other data sources.
  • Insurance. For an insurance company we might load all data related to policy holders and all claims data into Greenplum to establish networks of fraud, predictive analytics for fraud detection, pricing and risk analysis.  Targeting analysis and propensity models are part of the solutions we deploy.
  • Telecoms. For a telephone company we might  optimize mobile call traffic quality and network asset investments by modeling  how daily movement by people (i.e., from home to work in the mornings), and events (such as football games and broken network assets) impact on traffic quality and how to best reroute call traffic. Early churn and next best activity are two additional examples of today’s demanding challenges which are solved by Greenplum and Analytika for the Telco industry.


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