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Alpine Miner is a visual data-mining tool built on and integrated seamlessly with the Greenplum database to utilize its massively-parallel processing (MPP) architecture for scalability and performance.

Alpine Data Labs provides technology to help its customers release the power of their information through the use of analytics. Alpine Data Labs’ vision is to make it easy and cost-effective to use the predictive power in "big data". Organizations achieve the true power of analytics when a comprehensive, integrated approach enables more iterative experimentation and innovation, and when teams can use all the available data, not just a small sample. 

"Greenplum gives us a platform that allows us to provide predictive analytics to organizations that want to get more out of their data. The Unified Analytics Platform provides us with a unique combination of massive scalability and computational sophistication that goes far beyond traditional business intelligence, and our integration with Greenplum Chorus lets us share all this power with the entire organization."

Tom Ryan, CEO.

Alpine Data Labs’ flagship product, Alpine Miner, breaks down the wall between organizations and the power of their Big Data by dramatically lowering the cost of predictive analytics. This easy-to-use solution simplifies the process of building analytics workflows and predictive models for massive data sets. What used to take months now takes days – and doesn't require a single line of code. As a result, users can save money, streamline and enhance data scoring, and fully capture organizational knowledge. 

Alpine Miner on the Greenplum database provides a fully integrated environment for statistical transformation and modeling methods for data analysis, modeling and scoring, with true scalability and top processing speed. As a completely scalable in-database solution, these processes can be built entirely within the Alpine Miner interface, and then executed directly where the data resides, with no limitations on size or complexity. With Alpine Miner, business and data analysts can flexibly and efficiently conduct end-to-end knowledge discovery and predictive analytics—including data preparation, data transformation, data modeling and data scoring.

All the models built with Alpine Miner are automatically stored in the database and can be published or deployed directly within the database at the press of a button, further assuring data reliability and integrity and accelerating model integration with business applications. The Alpine Miner architecture cuts weeks to months from the process because it reduces unnecessary data movement, and supports better data governance and data-mining process standardization.

Some key features of Alpine Miner:

  • Fully scalable data modeling against all data, improving analytic model accuracy and efficacy.
  • Faster time from modeling to scoring, delivering rapid results and enabling iteration.
  • Reduced data movement and latency, thus improving productivity of data analysts and IT staff.
  • Efficient utilization of data assets and IT resources, reducing costs and increasing ROI.
  • Scoring directly within the database, leveraging the database’s common security, auditing and administration capabilities and reducing data movement and increasing data utilization.

Customers of Alpine Miner include Zions Bankcorporation, Citic Bank, Havas Digital Media, CareCore National and iClick.

For more information on the use of Alpine Miner, watch this video.

And do check out Steven Hillions presentation at the Data Science Series event at the Hospital Club on February 8th.


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