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ADVIZOR is an interactive front-end to Greenplum that empowers business people to make better, faster, fact-based decisions from their data, without relying on others to create custom reports or perform complicated queries or analysis.

ADVIZOR visualizes data through interactive dashboards which allow easy exploration, driving to answers and actions. ADVIZOR’s powerful, easy-to-use, visual discovery™ dashboards are built on three technologies: (1) In-memory data management for “speed of thought” interaction, (2) interactive data visualization and (3) predictive analytics.

“Greenplum does an amazing job of collecting, indexing, and storing large amounts of data.  However, people still need to consume that information in order to make decisions.  We deliver a simple and effective interface that business people can use to analyze data on their own and make decisions.  The combination is a win-win.” 
Doug Cogswell, President & CEO of ADVIZOR Solutions

ADVIZOR’s partnership with EMC Greenplum takes the power of visual discovery and analysis to big data.  Greenplum is great at storing and managing big data; ADVIZOR helps you make sense of it all.

With ADVIZOR, Greenplum customers can:
- Quickly and easily access data
- Replace static reports with visual, interactive, data-fresh dashboards
- Choose from among 15 different chart types to display data in the most meaningful way
- “See” the stories hidden in the data for better, faster, fact-based decisions
- Experience the power of visual discovery with charts and graphs that are interactive, cross-linked, synchronized, and drillable, using color, selection, and filtering to get at what they need to know
- Build and run multivariate regression models using  a point-and-click interface and powerful algorithms built right into the software
- Export findings to Excel, Word, and Adobe PDF
- Share interactive dashboards with others via flexible client, web, and iPad deployment options 

To see how ADVIZOR can help you consume Big Data from the Greenplum platform, please watch this video.


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