VLDB Solutions launches ‘Cloud Intelligence’ posted on Thu, September 06 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing

Greenplum partner VLDB Solutions has launched ‘Cloud Intelligence’. Cloud Intelligence is meant to give businesses of all sizes the ability to harness the power of big data, effectively offering big data on demand.

Data, in the hands of the right people, is one of the most important assets an organization owns. But the more data a business has to contend with, the bigger the scale of the challenge, VLDB Solutions says. What ‘Cloud Intelligence’ does, is let a business’ data warehouse grow to meet ever changing business requirements on pay-as-you-go terms, without expensive ongoing maintenance and support costs.

VLDB Solutions quotes Gartner to support its offering: “There are two reasons for the increased activity in running data warehouses as a managed service. First, business units are dissatisfied with the IT department buying a managed service for their BI needs. Second, small companies cannot afford their own data warehouse infrastructure but have large volumes of data to process for analytics. This is a growing market.”

Cloud Intelligence is built on top of Greenplum and Hadoop and offers linearly scalable performance, robustness and 100% security.

For more information on VLDB Solutions’ new offering, turn to the Cloud Intelligence website, download the introduction to Cloud Intelligence below, or follow Cloud Intelligence on Twitter and Facebook.


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