Seeing the Big (Data) picture with advanced visualization tools posted on Fri, November 16 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Warehousing

Insights that cannot be understood (correctly) by business users are a total waste of time and money. Yes, Big Data is the root of powerful knowledge and, sure, that’s great if your company is already on to it. But if your Big Data tools are producing predictive analytics intelligence that excels in complexity, it will take ages before your technology department will find the time to convert and deliver them to the right people or – worse still – the results will be misinterpreted by the business users. With disastrous strategic decisions as a result.

‘Seeing the big picture’, ‘seeing the light’, ‘seeing eye to eye’… ever noticed that a lot of expressions about understanding are very visually oriented? No wonder that visualization tools are so crucial when it comes to harnessing the power of Big Data. They assist those in charge of business to comprehend the information that is distilled by predictive analysis tools, in real time. A recent report by Forrester explains exactly why traditional data visualization will no longer do for the gargantuan masses of information that can be distilled into actionable insights.

There is no getting around it: Big Data demands Big, well, Advanced Data Visualization (ADV) solutions. They go beyond traditional visualization tools, in several ways. Since Big Data is all about continuous change and speedy adaptation, these ADV tools of course need to be dynamic and update simultaneously as the data changes. They need to allow business users to query data themselves in a simple manner, by manipulating visual portions of graphs or charts or by using visual instrumentation. These tools allow users to identify patterns, trends and relationships without having to run the data through complex statistical models. The charts, graphs or panels these ADV tools present need to be dynamically linked and displayed. Most of them also enable automated, animated scroll up and down if a particular dimension has thousands of values.

Another added value of these new generation tools is the fact that they offer personalization which is, for instance, important when different people require different kinds of access to the information. With the colossal amount of data to be analyzed, sometimes all the information cannot be synthesized on a single screen. Hence the importance of software that is able to generate visual alerts for a particular set of conditions, even via e-mail or text messages.

Read Forrester’s report here.

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