EMC Announces Enhanced Greenplum Big Data Analytics Appliance posted on Wed, February 06 2013 in Analytics, Big Data

EMC Greenplum launches a new version of its ‘Big Data analytics in a box’, the Data Computing Appliance (DCA) Unified Analytics Platform (UAP). This enhanced, all-in-one, predictive analytics enabling platform combines an MPP database – for managing, storing and analyzing the massive amount of internal data at hand - with Hadoop distribution, for the analysis and processing of external, unstructured data. This platform is in response to a growing need. Witness Gartner’s prediction that, by 2015, 30% of most analytic solutions should be able to handle both structured and unstructured data simultaneously.

The new enhanced UAP has been optimized with a redesign of its analytics-optimized, scalable systems that are used for statistical analysis, predictive modeling and machine learning. It delivers 70+ per cent performance gains over the prior generation for data loading and scanning as well as 100 per cent performance increases for concurrent query workloads. It can be integrated with EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage for achieving enterprise-class data protection, availability and storage efficiency.

“Enterprises looking to make strategic investments in a Big Data platform need to consider the breadth of capabilities required of a complete solution—high-speed data ingestion, support for structured and unstructured data, interfaces for data scientists as well as business intelligence users, and the ability to scale horizontally as data volumes grow”, says Josh Klahr, vice-president of products, Greenplum, a division of EMC.

EMC’s Greenplum announcement is a perfect illustration of the Gartner prediction that by 2015 Big Data technologies, like Hadoop, will find themselves more tightly integrated into 65% of Big Data apps and appliances.

Learn more about the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) here.


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