Live from EMC World - Big data to revolutionize industries

posted on Wed, May 23 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing

You know marketing guys, right. Put them on a stage and they start launching stuff, producing loud noise, flashes of lights and even generate smoke to get your attention. But EMC’s CMO Jeremy Burton also showcased a few fascinating, tangible applications the company is now exploring. Making smart use of big data was a central idea in many of these applications presented to the audience at the end of day 2 of EMC World in Las Vegas.

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posted on Tue, April 10 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Warehousing

Collaboration and open innovation is everything. The big data community is proving to be one of the most tightly knit communities where data scientists, end users, developers work together towards the same common goal: deliver on the promise of big data.

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