Big Data predictions for 2013

posted on Wed, December 05 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Warehousing

Big Data features prominently on almost all technology trend lists for 2013. And why should it not? The times that companies had the luxury to analyze their own data - when they had the time to do so in order to find out how they had done in the past - is long gone. Organizations of today need real-time, predictive analytics to stay ahead of their competition. IDC Asia/Pacific predicts that Big Data solutions are going to be a significant differentiator for those businesses able to use them to change their competitive positions. It feels the following year will see an increase in the uptake of in-memory analytics and processing technologies, thus enabling organizations to churn out information more quickly.

Seeing the Big (Data) picture with advanced visualization tools

posted on Fri, November 16 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Warehousing

Insights that cannot be understood (correctly) by business users are a total waste of time and money. Yes, Big Data is the root of powerful knowledge and, sure, that’s great if your company is already on to it. But if your Big Data tools are producing predictive analytics intelligence that excels in complexity, it will take ages before your technology department will find the time to convert and deliver them to the right people or – worse still – the results will be misinterpreted by the business users. With disastrous strategic decisions as a result.

The big data fairy tale

posted on Fri, October 05 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing

Fairy tales usually start with ‘Once upon a time ...' and end with ‘... And they lived long and happily ever after'. But nobody explains ‘how' the heroes live long and happily ever after. Big data (analytics) promise to transform your business, but just as in fairy tale endings, big data will not explain ‘how' to transform your organization. In my view, big data might spark some behavioral change or open people's minds, but it will not transform organizations. At best, big data evolves organizations. Let's look at the concept and a concrete example to draw conclusions. By Roel Castelein, GTM Strategy for EMEA, EMC

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