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Big Data features prominently on almost all technology trend lists for 2013. And why should it not? The times that companies had the luxury to analyze their own data - when they had the time to do so in order to find out how they had done in the past - is long gone. Organizations of today need real-time, predictive analytics to stay ahead of their competition. IDC Asia/Pacific predicts that Big Data solutions are going to be a significant differentiator for those businesses able to use them to change their competitive positions. It feels the following year will see an increase in the uptake of in-memory analytics and processing technologies, thus enabling organizations to churn out information more quickly.

Steady increase in potential use cases

IDC believes that rapid growth in mobile technologies and the ever-increasing volume of data will enable more enterprises to identify new use cases for Big Data applications, thus offering a higher level of business intelligence. Telemetry data and mobile networks combined with Big Data analytics, for instance, now allow agricultural companies to test water levels and soil conditions and to gauge how such variables impact crop growth. Big Data is, in other words, so much more than just being about nimble and high profile technology for corporate environments.

Embedded in the strategic information architecture

Gartner goes even further in its 2013 forecasts: not only is Big Data essential for staying ahead in the rat race, it is now moving from a focus on individual projects to an influence on enterprises’ strategic information architecture. The analyst claims that leading organizations are abandoning the concept of a single enterprise data warehouse and moving towards multiple systems (content management, data warehouses, data marts and specialized file systems tied together with data services and metadata) which will become the ‛logical’ enterprise data warehouse.

Becoming the norm

Earlier this year, Gartner already foresaw that half of the analytical applications on the market next year will have embedded Big Data capabilities and, by the end it, the whole concept of Big Bata will start to become the norm.

Exploding investments in Big Data

For those still not convinced that Big Data is a solid technology trend, IT investment statistics prove the growing focus on Big Data. In 2009, venture capitalists invested $1.1 billion in start-ups related to Big Data. The following year saw $1.53 billion invested and, in 2011, investments breached $2.47 billion, according to information from Thomson Reuters. According to Gartner, by 2013, Big Data technology will account for $34 billion of worldwide IT spending. By 2016 this number will have exploded to $232 billion. Big Data is on a roll! Time to ask Santa for a Big Data platform.



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