EMC Announces Enhanced Greenplum Big Data Analytics Appliance

posted on Wed, February 06 2013 in Analytics, Big Data

EMC Greenplum launches a new version of its ‘Big Data analytics in a box’, the Data Computing Appliance (DCA) Unified Analytics Platform (UAP). This enhanced, all-in-one, predictive analytics enabling platform combines an MPP database – for managing, storing and analyzing the massive amount of internal data at hand - with Hadoop distribution, for the analysis and processing of external, unstructured data. This platform is in response to a growing need. Witness Gartner’s prediction that, by 2015, 30% of most analytic solutions should be able to handle both structured and unstructured data simultaneously.

Fighting danger with data: when Big Data meets IT security

posted on Tue, February 05 2013 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists

Seeing as the digital threat landscape is evolving in a fast and furious manner and traditional security models are no longer up to speed, a growing number of software vendors now realize that a different approach to protection is needed. The good news is that we should be seeing some exciting Big Data analytics announcements this year in the IT security sector, to boost performance of network monitoring systems and enable faster detection of cyber attacks. That is what industry experts are expecting anyway. One such announcement has, in fact, already been made. EMC’s security division RSA is merging its security technologies with Big Data analytics to further improve its attack detection and analysis capabilities with a long-term vision.

Open Data powering smart cities

posted on Fri, January 18 2013 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists

Cities of today are true magnets, attracting people from all around with their exciting opportunities. While in 1950 a ‘mere’ 29.1% of the world population lived in cities, this figure jumped to 50.6 % in 2010 and it is predicted to evolve to 64.7% by 2040. The numbers are simply staggering, especially when we realize that urban areas occupy a mere 2% of the world’s surface.

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