Seeing the Big (Data) picture with advanced visualization tools

posted on Fri, November 16 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists, Data Warehousing

Insights that cannot be understood (correctly) by business users are a total waste of time and money. Yes, Big Data is the root of powerful knowledge and, sure, that’s great if your company is already on to it. But if your Big Data tools are producing predictive analytics intelligence that excels in complexity, it will take ages before your technology department will find the time to convert and deliver them to the right people or – worse still – the results will be misinterpreted by the business users. With disastrous strategic decisions as a result.

Download: Analyzing Customer Behavior

posted on Thu, November 15 2012 in Analytics, Big Data

Consumers are no longer what they used to be. Before they buy, they look around. A lot. And when they buy, they talk about it. To everybody. They want to be treated as unique. They want you to listen to them. They want you to talk to them. They want you to thank them. In short, they are influencers and mini-tyrants who will leave you in the blink of an eye if you don’t do as they please. And that’s the easy part. The problem is that they change so fast that you actually need to know what they want, before they do. Your organization needs to outrun them. It needs to be agile and fast.

Big Data DOES come with Big Revenue

posted on Wed, November 14 2012 in Big Data, Data Scientists

You are not alone in the world. Obvious as this may seem, a lot of companies fail to - really - grasp this. Those that only focus on their own company, their own performance, their own customers and their own data – a shocking number of them, in fact - are heading for disaster. Fast. Don’t take our word for it. Believe the Economist Intelligence Unit and its survey ‘Big data lessons from the leaders’. It unveils 4 key findings about how companies do - or should - best exploit the massive amounts of Big Data that is at hand today.

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