Mobile Big Data app maps humanity’s habits and views during one week

posted on Thu, September 27 2012 in Big Data

From today thru’ October 2, one of the largest-ever collaborative events in human history will take place. As part of photographer Rick Smolan’s ambitious multiplatform ‘Human Face of Big Data’ project, millions of people around the world will be able to share and compare their lives by means of a free mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Event: Big Data & Business Analytics, Paris

posted on Thu, September 27 2012 in Analytics, Big Data

On October 10th next, Paris will be the place to be to get up to speed on Big Data. IDC is hosting its ‘Big Data et Business Analytics’ conference at the Centre d’Affaires de Trocadéro on that day. Greenplum partner Syncsort will be presenting the comScore case at the IDC Conference.

Download: ‘The age of data-driven medicine’

posted on Mon, September 24 2012

The healthcare world is changing fast. Increased cost-pressures is a key driver, but also well-informed patients who are critical of medical services and aware they have options. And there’s digital data, lots of it. For decades, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical concerns, insurance companies and other players in the healthcare field have been sitting on a huge stockpile of data.

Big Data can be a big enabler for business process transformation

posted on Sun, September 23 2012 in Analytics, Big Data

From Big Data World Europe in London - What does Big Data mean in relation to business processes? And how does that interact with those processes? Una Kearns, Director of Technology at the CTO office of EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG), addressed these questions at Big Data World Europe 2012 in London.

Reconnecting with the lost customer through open data

posted on Thu, September 20 2012 in Analytics, Big Data

Live from Big Data World Europe 2012 in London - What if organizations were to start giving back the data they have on all their customers? Would that result in a better world? Why certainly, according to open data evangelist Professor Nigel Shadbolt from the University of Southampton. At Big Data World Europe 2012 he talks about the tonnes of data that companies and government institutions have available about people and how opening up that data can lead to better services for those people, a better customer relationship and more.

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