Should big data be top of mind to a CEO?

posted on Thu, July 19 2012

Big data is catching everyone’s attention, even the CEO’s: his preferred business magazine writes about it, he is asked to invest in data scientists… even his airline magazines feature articles about big data. CEOs can no longer afford not to think about what big data can mean for his company.

Will big data make IT less or more relevant?

posted on Tue, July 17 2012

The IT department is fighting two fights: one for control and one for relevance. It really looks as if IT is losing the battle for control. Cloud computing and the consumerization of IT are taking care of that. But when it comes to relevance, big data may be helping the CIO in his struggle to keep some relevance.

Big savings from big data

posted on Wed, July 11 2012

Experts in the UK claim big data could help governments save billions. Better use of data can make fraud detection easier, and putting the right data together may make certain government operations redundant.

Do you need a data scientist or a chief data officer?

posted on Tue, July 10 2012

There’s an interesting debate going on about the shortage of data scientists. According to several sources there are currently over 10,000 data scientist positions waiting to be filled. Others argue that we don’t need the scientists just yet, but should invest in hiring chief data officers first.

Big Data – the third wave

posted on Fri, July 06 2012

Growing older tends to have benefits, like recognizing patterns and waves. This hit me when I was contemplating the Big Data phenomenon. I concluded that, far from being new, Big Data is the third wave in using computers to derive insights and intelligence from data, writes Roel Castelein.

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