Big data: start small

posted on Fri, June 22 2012

If you are not working on big data yet, you should start thinking about it. In a recent report, ‘The Big Deal About Big Data for Customer Engagement’, Forrester outlines a number of steps companies can take to start using big data as a competitive weapon.

Social media help big data

posted on Thu, June 21 2012

Big Data is undoubtedly one of the most exciting growth markets in information technology. Research agencies predict growth rates for this sector which are quite extraordinary. If these predictions hold true, there will be a major shortage of skills for companies that want to exploit the massive amounts of data they have gathered. Co-operation will be essential and, in particular, the method of co-operating will be very important. This is an ideal domain where social media may provide a breakthrough.

Facebook’s Wedding Dress

posted on Tue, June 12 2012

In this blog post, Roel Castelein discusses the potential impact and price points of targeted ads on Facebook. When Facebook sells an ad for a wedding dress, it charges $75. Google charges $1. What’s the difference? Why is it relevant for the future of advertising? Who are the players in this brave new world? And what are the implications in the long term? There is a transformation at play here, but Facebook’s recent IPO and stock price show the investor community has not quite grasped it. Here’s my understanding of some of the fundamentals, and my educated guess about future directions.

Download: ‘Information is the new oil’

posted on Tue, June 12 2012

Markets are fast disappearing, and being replaced by networks. Networks of intelligence. Consumers can’t be controlled anymore, and become active, and are turning markets into dynamic systems. The age-old subject of marketing is being redefined. Information is the new oil.

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