Live from Greenplum Connect: data-driven companies are busy transforming themselves

posted on Fri, May 25 2012

If companies want to remain competitive, the smart use of big data will be key. But that's something Greenplum executives didn't need to convince their customers of at Greenplum Connect ‒ the company's annual meet-up with its customers in the US. Becoming a data-driven company is a process all of them initiated years ago. At the event in Las Vegas, they talked about how that transformation has helped them derive real added value.

Live from the Data Science Summit: Predictive analytics on the rise

posted on Thu, May 24 2012

Data is the ‛new’ oil. You’ve probably heard this catch phrase before. When the value of oil became clear some centuries ago, an entire industry that changed the world developed around it. Now, we are experiencing a similar situation with data. At Greenplum's Data Science Summit 2012 in Las Vegas data scientists, business intelligence people, marketing executives and a wide range of other interested parties from all corners of the US and the rest of the world gathered to catch up on the latest trends in big data. Because big data is huge.

Live from EMC World - Big data to revolutionize industries

posted on Wed, May 23 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing

You know marketing guys, right. Put them on a stage and they start launching stuff, producing loud noise, flashes of lights and even generate smoke to get your attention. But EMC’s CMO Jeremy Burton also showcased a few fascinating, tangible applications the company is now exploring. Making smart use of big data was a central idea in many of these applications presented to the audience at the end of day 2 of EMC World in Las Vegas.

Big toilet is watching you

posted on Wed, May 09 2012 in Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientists

You’ve just been to the toilet and that has triggered an automatic email informing you that your health insurance went up. Next, you ask and receive a personalized doctor’s prescription, on your iPhone, to remedy whatever ailment is bothering you. Then you plug an appropriate device in your iPhone and monitor or evaluate your recovery. All historic data on your health is now accessible by your doctor, your health insurer and, most relevantly, to you. Just how far off is this future vision, asks Roel Castelein.

The ticking time bomb of personal data

posted on Tue, May 01 2012

For decades, businesses have collected customer data, ostensibly in exchange for some reciprocal value. But over the years, their treatment of that data – from surreptitious capture to analysis to reselling -- has become too liberal. According to Forrester, organizations need to set up a data governance policy.

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