Getting Agile through Big Data Analytics

posted on Wed, March 21 2012

“Agile means being able to change course rapidly to address new opportunities or fend off new threats by leveraging a deep pool of expertise”. With these words Jim Kobelius, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research kicked off the second of a three-part Greenplum webcast series on big data analytics, this time focusing on achieving agility.

Big data heralds end of ‘Mad Men’ marketing

posted on Mon, March 12 2012 in Big Data, Data Scientists

Millions of people have watched the Emmy Award-winning series ‘Mad Men’ about an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. Many viewers probably think marketing is still about finding the right visual and slogan and spending a couple of millions. Well, marketing, I’ll let you know, has moved on leaps and bounds since the 60’s.

Will Big Data kill off traditional technologies?

posted on Fri, March 02 2012 in Big Data

The UK online magazine The Register, bitingly critical as ever, recently polled its readers on the topic of Big Data. The editors started from the hypothesis that Big Data is overhyped by its vendors. What The Register discovered is that there’s a keen interest in Big Data technologies: “a majority of respondents feel that the technologies we asked them about can bring benefits, both in terms of tackling existing problems and new approaches to meeting current as well as emerging business requirements.”

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